Calling and Ministerial Studies





Location – New Bern Church of God

Date – October 28, 2017

Time 9:30 am

Twofold Purpose

1.            To help the applicant assess his or her calling and understand the meaning and practices of ministry.

2.            To help the church assess the applicant’s suitability for credentialed ministry in the Church of God.


Application Process

Applicant’s Pastor

—  Calls State Office & requests a:

○      CAMS/New Minister/Exhorter application

Application process will remain the same unless changes are made at General Assembly



—  Fills out application

—  Provides 2 letters of recommendation

—  Includes $100 background fee

○      (Fee covers all 3 ministerial levels)


—  Must know how to guide applicant through the application

—  Every line on the application must have an answer, applicable or not (N/A)

○      Application will be rejected if not filled out properly

—  Signs and sends application to District Overseer for review & signing

District Overseer

—  D.O. can send application back to pastor or mail directly to State Office

State Office

—  Processes background check

○      Background check & application approval determines if applicant can enter CAMS

CAMS Orientation

—  October

○      October allows Coordinator time  to purchase materials

—  Orientation is MANDATORY!

○      Assignments are given during Orientation

—  Deposit of $150 must be paid at Orientation

CAMS Seminars

—  Applicant must attend 4 seminars (spouse must attend)

○      January, February, March or April depending on Easter & May

—  Applicant is expected to complete CAMS in 1 term

○      Extension may be granted by special request to the State Office to complete program within 12 months


Please advise pastors to turn in applications as soon as possible


State CAMS Coordinator

Dr. David Salmons

Church of God

1230 Colony Drive

New Bern, NC 28562