Discipleship Opportunities

Scripture Study Series – Scripture Study Series is a 3 part self-paced take home study to enhance your knowledge of God’s Word. Part 1 is a topical study of Christianity. Part 2 & 3 is an extensive study of the Bible as a whole, covering Genesis through Revelation giving the student a survey of each book as a unit. It also teaches the basic theme and general concept of every Book of the Bible. Each lesson will include notes and Bible study on various topics. Most students do the work in a week; some take less time, and some take a little more. The Course is flexible.

Discipleship Classes – Altar Workers, Faith Walk, Financial Freedom, Firm Foundations, Jesus Walk, Prayer

Altar Workers – The altar workers class goal is to equip individuals to minister at the altar in an effective manner, carefully listening and discerning the heart of the seeker by yielding to the ministry of the Holy Spirit in order to help the seeker solve spiritual problems.

Faith Walk – This study is to help believers understand the Declaration of Faith of the Church of God. In these 12 weeks together, you will gain not only an understanding of the doctrine of the Church of God and the scriptures that support them, but also the reason why they are important to our lives.

Financial Freedom – Financial Freedom is a 6 week course based on Larry Burkett’s Family Financial Workbook. This study will help you to effectively maximize God’s finances in your family. Whether you are in a desperate need of life-saving solutions to financial bondage or simply need some fine-tuning in certain areas of your spending plan, this class can assist you in reaching financial freedom.

Firm Foundations – our objective in offering this class is to help equip you to become that Christian that you’ve always wanted to be. During these 10 weeks, you will discover what took place when you said “I do” to Jesus and how to enjoy this new found relationship.

Jesus Walk – When you have completed this 12 week course your will be changed because you will have learned to walk daily with Jesus in a new dimension of love and understanding for what He has accomplished in your life. You will also have a greater appreciation for your personal spiritual gifts and utilize your God given potential to change the world for Christ.

Prayer – This ten week class will help individuals in one of the most important parts of the life of a Christian, prayer. If we were to be honest, every one of us has struggled with prayer. Does God hear me? Will God answer my prayer? Am I praying according to the will of God? We want to help take the doubt out of your prayer life so that you can pray effectively and encounter God’s wondrous presence.